Where Was Walford Hyden Born and Raised?

"‘Walford Hyden is a Staffordshire man; he was born in Hanley in 1892. He studied music in Manchester and at the Royal Academy of Music, London, of which he is an associate. At one time he was musical director to Anna Pavlova, the famous dancer. His first broadcast was about 9 years ago when he conducted the BBC Orchestra in his London suite Nights in Town. Probably his greatest radio sucesses have been with his Magyar Orchestra and ‘Cafe Colette’ . He is a pianist and composer as well as a director. In his spare time Walford Hyden collects old weapons as a hobby and enjoys deep-sea fishing"Wills’ cigarette card, from ‘Radio Celebrities’. No 7, series 2, 1934

Walford Hyden Birthplace

Birth Country:

Walford is originally from Canada.



Walford Hyden Education

Where did Walford go to university?

Royal Academy of Music, London.


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