Where Was Shaikh Ayaz Born and Raised?

Shaikh Ayaz (Urdu: شیخ ایاز‎) born Mubarak Ali Shaikh (Urdu: مبارک علی شیخ‎ March 1923 – 28 December 1997) was one of the prominent Sindhi poets of Pakistan in general and Sindh in particular. He wrote several books on poetry, biographies, plays and short-stories in both Sindhi and Urdu languages. His translations of Shah Jo Risalo, which was written by the 18th century Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, from Sindhi to Urdu language established him as an authority in his domain.

Shaikh Ayaz Birthplace

Birth Country:

Shaikh is originally from Pakistan.


Shikarpur Sindh, Pakistan.

Where did Shaikh Ayaz die?

Karachi, buried at Bhit Shah.

Shaikh Ayaz died on December 28, 1997 in Karachi, buried at Bhit Shah.

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