Where Was Patricia Inder Born and Raised?

Patricia Inder was the daughter of a docker and his school cook wife.She met John Lennon in 1958 when she was 15, and they became lovers in 1960 when she was 17 and he 20, while he was living with Cynthia.After her, BRian Epstein became the manager of the Beatles. It was Patricia Inder who told him to saw them in concert. The rest is history.In 1962 it was Paul McCartney who told her that John Lennon married a pregnant Cynthia Lennon.In 1965, she took a job as a nanny in Richmond, Surrey. Pat hung out with The Rolling Stones and was a friend of the model Chrissy Shrimpton. At 24 (around 1967), she met Lemmy, who would later front the bands Hawkwind and Motorhead. They had a son, Paul, who is a record producer in Hollywood.Patricia says she raised him single-handedly after Lemmy left her when their sonwas small.Patricia is single, but says she hasn`t given up on meeting the man of her dreams.

Patricia Inder Birthplace

Birth Country:

Patricia is originally from England.




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