Where Was Leigh Jason Born and Raised?

hyLeigh Jason (born Leigh Jacobson) was an instructor at UCLA before entering the film business in 1924 as an electrician. He turned to screenwriting in 1926, then changed his name to Leigh Jason when he started directing in 1928. He turned out numerous shorts and B pictures, mainly thrillers and light comedies, up to the 1950s, when he began to devote most of his energies to directing TV series, although he still directed a feature every now and then. He was the brother of director Will Jason.

Leigh Jason Birthplace

Birth Country:

Leigh is originally from United States.


New York City, New York, United States.

Leigh Jason Education

Where did Leigh go to university?

Columbia University.

Where did Leigh Jason die?

Leigh Jason died on February 19, 1979.

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