Where Was Kalina Oretzia Born and Raised?

Kalina is first seen in the prologue, warning Cyrus to leave the junkyard before something bad happens.Her other appearance is when Arthur's daughter, Kathy, is attacked by the Jackal and she saves her by scaring the psycho with a flare. She joins the group in a library, and tells the story about the Ocularis Infernum and the Black Zodiac ghosts. She also explains that if Arthur leaps into the machine's core in an act of love, he will stop the machine automatically.Arthur's babysitter, Maggie, follows Kalina into the generator, and is knocked unconscious by her, when Cyrus is revealed to be alive, revealing that she works for him under fake love promises. He then tricks Kalina into handing him the final part of the hypnotizing spell for the ghosts, tricking her again with false affection. However, once she tries to follow him through a narrow passageway, he presses a button that gets Kalina trapped between two glass walls that slowly crushes her to death.

Kalina Oretzia Birthplace

Birth Country:

Kalina Oretzia is originally from USA.



Where did Kalina Oretzia die?


Kalina Oretzia died on October 26, 2001 in Chicago,Illinois.

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