Where Was Guy Hecker Born and Raised?

Guy Jackson Hecker (April 3, 1856 in Youngsville, Pennsylvania – December 3, 1938) was an American pitcher in Major League Baseball. He was born in Youngsville, Pennsylvania. His debut game took place on May 2, 1882. His final game took place on September 30, 1890. During his career he played for the Louisville Eclipse and Pittsburgh Pirates. Hecker is considered by some baseball historians to be the best combination pitcher and hitter to play in the 19th century. He remains as one of the only two pitchers in Major League history to hit three home runs in one game, alongside Jim Tobin and the only pitcher to win a batting title. In addition, he is the only pitcher in baseball history to get six hits in a nine-inning game.

Guy Hecker Birthplace

Birth Country:

Guy is originally from United States.


Youngsville, Pennsylvania, United States.

Where did Guy Hecker die?

Wooster, OH.

Guy Hecker died on December 3, 1938 in Wooster, OH.

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