Where Was Elinor Troy Born and Raised?

AUGUST 1948 DAILY PAGE NINETEEN Less than a decade ago Elinor Troy was acclaimed the Modern Venus with the most perfectly formed body in America.Today, at 28, the six-foot former showgirl lies in her modest home, wasted and helpless from Tuberculosis. But in an interview today she still managed the big grin that helped make her famous in night clubs and Broadway musicals a few years ago. She reminisced with reporters over the days when she had the show world by the heels as producer Billy Rose's first "Glamazon."Miss Troy said she was the only girl who ever jilted the much-married Tommy Manville. Displaying a diamond studded wrist watch which she said Tommy gave her, she declared:Tommy was a good guy, obstinate. He wanted me to cook. But hes a good guy." Elinor flew across the country to New York in a chartered plane to marry Manville then decided against it.She once slugged Jack Doyle, the Jumping fighter, at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. He was dancing with another girl, said Elinor, and she claims her punch laid him prone on the dance floor.Miss Troy has been confined to her bed for three years, since she collapsed while working in a motion picture.Her mother, Mrs Ednaston, hopes she will be able to get up soom but not even the doctors know.

Elinor Troy Birthplace

Birth Country:

Elinor is originally from United States.


Washington, District of Columbia, United States.

Where did Elinor Troy die?

Hollywood, California, USA.

Elinor Troy died because of Tuberculosis on November 29, 1949 in Hollywood, California, USA.

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